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About Our Founder

Jaz Jackson, founder of the fastest growing workout accessory brand, JSCULPT Fitness, is a girl boss who took her personal experiences and built an empire. This Chicago native began her career in 2012 as a beauty influencer who constantly experienced pressure to be “on'' at all times. When she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in that same year, her doctors suggested she take medication, which led to weight gain, altered mood, and a host of other complications. Although the medication temporarily eased the depression, its return in  2016 led her to make additional, long lasting changes. Jackson started eating healthier,  journaling, meditating, and a consistent exercise regimen at  the gym. During these strenuous workout sessions,  she noticed the fitness belts she wore were ill fitting, would roll up as she moved, and were overall uncomfortable. This discovery led to her self-made empire, JSCULPT Fitness.

JSCULPT Fitness is an inclusive fitness brand for the everyday woman. Created in July 2017 as a solution to struggles she faced when working out, the JSCULPT Fitness Belt not only provides back support and flexibility, but also gives full coverage to women of all shapes and sizes. The three-tier belt can be worn during high-intensity and cardio workouts to promote sweating of the midsection, which leads to water weight loss and reduced inches in the midsection.  It can also be worn under clothing at any time for a visually slimming effect. With the support of her “JSCULPT Babes,” Jackson has created an entire line of fitness products that include fitness belts, resistance bands, and gym apparel.

Jackson resides in Chicago and is an amazing mom to her teenage son. Although it can be hard juggling being a supermom, entrepreneur,  mental health advocate, and boss, she now knows how important it is to slow down and find time to make her health a priority. Implementing healthy changes in her life led Jackson to successfully overcome depression, and she is leading the charge for many others with the same struggle. Jaz Jackson is an authentic and committed representation of her brand -  working hard and working out in her JSCULPT Fitness products.


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