Let JSCULPT FITNESS Enhance Your Curves

Sweat like the pro’s the JSCULPT Fitness way!
This three-tier belt promotes
sweating of the midsection
to reduce water weight and inches.

Can be worn during high-intensity workouts,
cardio or all day for a visual slimming effect
no matter the occasion.
  • No rolling
  • No steel boning
  • Covers entire midsection
  • sits comfortable past hips
  • Attached belt with velcro
  • Allows for custom clinching
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    Measure the inches of your waist for an accurate fit
  • Your Hip Size
    Are your hips at least 2 inches (or more) wider than your waist?
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    We recommend this size based on your measurements * Important! This size is not meant to match your t-shirt or dress size, our belt has its own measurements. Our results are over 95% accurate

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" I love that it doesn't cause back fat! Thats a big thing for me." - HOUSTON, TEXAS
" I love how long this belt is! It sits under your breast and past your hips!" - ATLANTA, GEORGIA
" I do every type of workout in my JSCULPT belt! I love how supportive it is." - ATLANTA, GEORGIA

The Results

The JSCULPT Fitness Belt is known
internet-wide for dramatic results

The specialized more comfortable fit allows you to wear the belt over longer periods of time more naturally. Which leads to more consistent progress in your body goals
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