What Does A Waist Trainer Do?

Surely you know that a waist trainer is a shaping garment worn around the mid-section to slim the waistline. Waist trainers are designed to be worn daily to enhance thermal activity in the core, encouraging your waist to sweat more during workouts and helping you achieve those hourglass curves you covet. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, a waist trainer can help you reach your fitness and appearance goals more quickly. Waist shapers have been around, in varying forms, since the 1600s. But despite centuries of popular use, there is still a lot of misconception surrounding them. While they were initially used as corsets to create the fashionable, wasp-waisted appearance of earlier times, modern waist trainers now offer...

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Current Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest! We are hiring for the following positions on an ongoing basis, please apply via the links below: Customer Support - ( US ONLY, Remote/Work from Home) Shipping Assistant - (Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas) Events Assistant - (Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas) After submitting, please do not inquire about the status of your application via customer support or social media as it slows down response times for our customers. Please note, whether you are selected or not, we will reach out to you via email to notify you of your decision. Candidates that reach out to our customer support team will have their applications automatically rejected. Thank you for your attention to this, good luck! 

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