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The Benefits of Exercising With A Waist Trainer

The Benefits of Exercising With A Waist Trainer

If you’re serious about dropping pounds, you know it takes working out, too. Make a waist trainer your secret weight-loss weapon. 

You’ve probably seen waist trainers before on some of your favorite influencers on social media. Or maybe you already have one of these high-compression garments in your lingerie drawer. If you’ve ever worn one, you know that they cinch your waist, giving you additional curves where nature may have fallen short.

Slip on a waist trainer and — bam! — your tummy looks flatter and sleeker while your curves are enhanced. Plus, waist trainers improve your posture and make it easier to lose weight. First off, you already look slimmer, so you’re motivated to stick to a healthy diet. And a waist trainer’s gentle compression means that you’re less likely to overeat. That’s a win-win!

Wearing Your Waist Trainer at the Gym

Hey, if you’re serious about dropping pounds, you know it takes working out, too. Make a waist trainer your secret weight-loss weapon. Instead of wearing it simply for a sleeker profile, why not take it up a notch and wear it during workouts? There are variety of benefits to exercising while wearing a waist trainer:

  • Better posture. Wearing a waist trainer improves your posture. When your shoulders are back and your chest is lifted, you look taller and slimmer because you’re standing straight. That type of posture is what you want to maintain when walking on the treadmill or doing standing exercises such as shoulder presses and biceps curls.
  • Back support. A waist trainer also supports your lower back, which is especially helpful if you’ve had back pain in the past. The trainer can help protect you from straining while you’re exercising.
  • Increase in the number of calories expended. A waist trainer made from fabric such as Lycra®, Spandex or latex does more than compress — it stimulates thermal activity in your midsection. That means you sweat more and burn more calories during a workout.
  • More confidence. Wearing a waist trainer immediately makes you look slimmer and fitter — and that boosts your confidence at your gym. That confidence may encourage you to try a new workout class or to challenge yourself in new ways (how about tackling the Gauntlet next time you work out?).

Before Wearing Your Waist Belt …

Ready to slip on your waist trainer and hit the gym? Awesome. But keep in mind that not every waist trainer is appropriate for workout. Corset-type waist trainers that have boning aren’t meant to move — the boning often pinches while it cinches. The JSCULPT™ Fitness belt, however, is a unique three-tier belt without steel boning — because we know that stuff is hella uncomfortable. It covers your entire midsection and its design means it stays put! That means no rolling down during even the toughest Tabata workouts.

With the JSCULPT™ Fitness belt, you choose the “cinch” to make it as snug as you like. Make sure you can breathe comfortably during workouts, especially if you’re hitting it hard. It’s so comfortable, though, you may forget you have it on — except for the compliments you get. 

Why not take the next step to the body you’re proud to show off? Use your JSCULPT™ Fitness belt the next time you work out, and you’ll garner even more results from your exercise program. When you use your secret workout weapon, every session at the gym gets you closer to that sexy, fit, smokin’ body you’ll love to flaunt both in the gym and out of it.

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