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Sure she’s the founder and CEO of JSCULPT. But she didn’t start this way. Jaz Jackson is no stranger to the ups and downs of weight loss. Although she was successful in her first attempt of weight loss in 2012, the weight slowly returned. And in 2021 she found herself weighing nearly 200 pounds. Battling a new cycle of depression, Jaz understood that a change was needed. With Hector as her personal trainer, she began her journey and today she has now lost nearly 50 pounds using the tools provided in SCULPT42.

Meet your trainer

With over 10 years of experience Certified Personal Trainer Hector Regalado has one goal in mind; to help you reach your fat loss goals.

A Chicago native, Hector got his start in fitness by helping a friend lose over 100 pounds while in college. SCULPT42 was created for fat loss with an emphasis on lasting results.


Step 1

Your diet will be key during your 6 week program. With SCULPT42 you'll receive our suggested meal plan with snack options to keep you fueled to help you reach your goals.

Step 2

What's a weightloss journey without support? With SCULPT42 you'll gain access to our support group to keep you accountable during your journey. Share your wins or words of encouragement with our community!

Step 3

Movement is the name of the game to reach your goals. Our goal is lasting fat loss. SCULPT42 is packed with HIIT exercises to keep heart rate up to keep the inches off!

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6 Weeks, A Lifetime Of Results

Our program focuses on sustainable fat loss. In 6 weeks you will see visible, lifelong results to kick start your new lifestyle.

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